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A banner on some railings advertises the social supermarket at Centre 63

Centre 63’s social supermarket offers up affordable nutritious food

by Jonathan Kearney

A Kirkby community centre is helping to support people on low incomes by offering affordable nutritious food to residents from their ‘social supermarket’.

Centre 63 on Old Hall Lane teamed up with food charity Feeding Britain earlier this summer to launch the supermarket, which is open every Wednesday between 10am and 2pm.

The social supermarket enables Kirkby residents to access a balanced and affordable range of fresh, chilled, and ambient goods.

Residents in need are able to buy a healthy weekly shop for under £10, with items free of charge.

Centre 63 provides wraparound support for Kirkby residents, including supporting youth and employability projects. The centre supported thousands of families during the lockdown period, providing weekly food parcels including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Ann Brown, project co-ordinator at Centre 63, said: “The social supermarket gives us a really good opportunity to continue supporting our community. The fact that people can choose their own food, which they can afford, will help them through these tough times. Two volunteers have also been recruited to help run the shop each week. We are looking forward to working in partnership with Feeding Britain and we feel confident that our social supermarket will be a great success in Kirkby.”

Andrew Forsey, director of Feeding Britain, added: “We are privileged to be working alongside Centre 63 to improve people’s access to affordable nutritious food in their community. The development of this service is a key part of Feeding Britain’s strategy for addressing the social and economic consequences of COVID-19. Social supermarkets are known to build resilience in our communities and prevent at least some of the need for food banks, with a combination of affordable food and holistic support to help people steer away from hardship.”

More information about Centre 63 can be found on their website and facebook page.