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Carers celebrate aromatherapy

by Cathy Sheel

The healing power of aromatherapy is helping parents, carers and care workers look after young people and adults with support needs.

Parents and carers of children and young people, as well as adult social care staff and those supporting adults attending the council’s Respite and Supported Living services, celebrated the completion of a number of aromatherapy and gentle massage workshops at an event at the Old School House, Huyton.

The course was aimed at enabling the trainees to help their clients or family members with the use of massage and touch using aromatherapy oils.

The workshops, supported by a grant from the Alan Boswell Charitable Trust, were a collaboration between the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), the Alan Boswell Trust and Knowsley Council.

Clinical aromatherapist, teacher and IFA member, Sheila Ladanowski said: “Those attending the aromatherapy and gentle massage course, including a wide range of participants from the community and the care sector, will be able to use their sensory skills and knowledge to enhance the care that they provide to others, as well as to support their own well-being. Children, young and elderly adults, carers and their families will all benefit.

“We hope there will also be a ripple effect with these valuable skills out to the wider community, so that as a result of the 10 people attending the workshops, many others will enjoy this support.”

One of the learners attending the workshops said: “Absolutely loved this course. I feel I would like to do more sessions and continue learning. I have new skills and confidence to help other people. I can’t thank our trainers enough for their gentle but firm teaching and 100 % enthusiasm which kept us all motivated. Thank you, I have loved every minute.”