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Cared for Children and Care Experienced People central to service provision

by Gemma Melling

The needs of children and young people in care and those who have left care are at the heart of two new strategies which were endorsed at a meeting of Knowsley Council’s Cabinet on 22 March 2023.

Significant engagement and consultation work took place with children, young people, and young adults during the development of the strategies, as well as with partner agencies and the Council workforce.

Following the consultation, the decision was taken to separate Knowsley’s strategies for Cared for Children and Care Experienced People into two individual strategies with their own sets of priorities – whilst still acknowledging and recognising the need for seamless service provision throughout each individual’s care journey.

The new strategies set out a number of priorities for Cared for Children and for Care Experienced People as follows:-

Knowsley Cared for Children Strategy

  •  Priority One – Children are healthy and happy throughout childhood and into early adulthood;
  • Priority Two – Children are provided with opportunities and support to achieve their aspirations; and,
  • Priority Three – Children are in settled homes with the right support and care.

Knowsley Care Experienced People Strategy

  •  Priority One – Young people are healthy, happy, and equipped with the skills and knowledge to live independently;
  • Priority Two – Young people have access to the right educational and training progression pathways to fulfil their aspirations;
  • Priority Three – Young people are empowered and able to make positive connections and forge positive relationships; and,
  • Priority Four – Young people are central to the decision making for their lives and futures.

The new Strategies replace Knowsley’s Children Looked After and Care Leavers Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2023 and feed into the  wider strategic landscape across the Knowsley Better Together Partnership.

You can read the agenda item and both strategies on the Council’s website.