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Calling all Knowsley businesses – how can you support a young person into work?

by Guy Murphy

Knowsley Council is relaunching its Empower Job Design Programme and is looking for partner businesses to get involved.

The programme, previously called the Empower Job Carving Programme, aims to create meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for residents with additional support needs or learning disabilities.

How does it work?

Partner businesses create a placement role that would be suited for person who might need additional support in the workplace by combining tasks from different jobs into one single role.

The job role does not need to be full-time, working hours can range from a couple of hours per week up to full-time dependent on needs of the businesses.

All roles must start as a placement to ensure that it works for both the employee and employer.

Tom’s journey

Tom was one of the successful candidates when the programme was first set up and has worked as Breakfast Club and Welfare Assistant at St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School in Kirkby since November 2019.

Tom said: “I never thought that a job in a primary school would be for me. However, the Empower Job Design Programme gave me the chance to try out something new and it is the best thing I have ever done.

“I enjoy working with the pupils and every day is different.  I get on with all the staff and I am always willing to help out when needed.

“Since working at St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School, I am more confident and I have gained communication skills, time management skills and teamwork skills.

“Having a job has made me more independent, it gives me a sense of purpose and keeps me active and healthy.”

Sarah Jane Caroll, Head Teacher at St Laurence’s Catholic Primary School said: “Tom has worked in our school since 2019.  During his time here he has had a variety of roles including Admin Assistant, Breakfast Club Assistant and Welfare Assistant.  Tom is a valued member of our school team as he works hard, has a lovely manner with the children and wants to do well.

“He has built up an excellent rapport with staff and children and can often be found having a laugh and a giggle with staff.  Tom has a lovely personality.  He has been a huge asset to our school, and we love having him as a member of our team.”

The Empower Job Design programme allows businesses to tap into a pool of diverse talent whilst promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.

For more information, please contact Sue Temple-Fielding (PfA Employment Support Officer) Susan.temple-fielding@knowsley.gov.uk  0151 443 3054