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On the agenda: Update

What was agreed at Cabinet this week?

by Laura Johnston

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet met yesterday (Wednesday, 16 November), with a number of items on the agenda.

You can read all the papers on the council’s website – but in the meantime here’s our quick guide to what was on the agenda, and what was agreed at the meeting.

Early Years and Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA) 2016 – 2019

Cabinet approved the assessment, which outlines the current status and availability of childcare provision in Knowsley and looks at meeting the needs of parents to enable them to work, supporting family life and helping them to thrive.

The document also looks at providing incentives for those families characterised as ‘just coping’ and ‘vulnerable’ to access appropriate early education and childcare, ensuring that the Maintained Nurseries, the PVI Childcare Sector, Children’s Centres and Early Help partner agencies help to address child poverty, and ensure that the early years and childcare sector providers are supported to meet market demand whilst remaining a sustainable businesses.

Cabinet also agreed the adoption of the Liverpool City Region Statement of Cooperation on local planning. The statement has been jointly prepared by the six Liverpool City Region local authorities and West Lancashire Borough Council and provides an agreed basis for cooperation between those authorities on their own Local Plans and on the forthcoming Liverpool City Region Spatial Framework, which was included as part of the City Region’s Devolution Agreement. The framework outlines strategic land use planning for the Liverpool City Region.

The Statement of Cooperation was approved by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on 15 July 2016. At that meeting it was also agreed that the Statement should be presented to each constituent local authority for adoption.

The Statement of Community Involvement

Cabinet approved the publication of the draft Statement of Community Involvement which sets out how the Council will consult with the community and other stakeholders about planning and development in the borough.

The Council adopted its current Statement of Community Involvement in May 2007. Since then there have been a number of changes to planning law and guidance, which have prompted this update.

The document outlines which bodies the Council will notify about each type of planning document, as well as the different communication methods to be used, including the Council’s website, email, social media, site notices, letters and press notices. All documents will continue to available in paper form for inspection at Council offices.

The draft statement will now be subject to a four week consultation period. Copies of the statement are available from the council’s One Stop shops and libraries.