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Cabinet approves scrutiny review of borough’s housing strategy

by Laura Johnston

A Scrutiny review of the Council’s Housing Strategy has been endorsed by Cabinet.

In November last year the Inclusive Growth and Skills Scrutiny Committee conducted a review of the Knowsley Housing Strategy 2022-2027, with the aim of considering the challenges faced in the Borough in relation to housing.

The Scrutiny Committee acknowledged the successful delivery of the Knowsley Housing Strategy 2016–2021, which had diversified the housing offer for existing residents and contributed toward attracting new residents into the Borough.

The Committee also acknowledged the important and effective relationship cultivated with partner agencies in providing housing solutions and associated support services, particularly given the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing impact on residents of the cost of living crisis.

As part of the review the Inclusive Growth and Skills Scrutiny Committee recognised the housing challenges faced by the borough, including the increased demand on housing services, particularly in response to a growing homelessness problem and the subsequent increase in demand for emergency and temporary accommodation. The Committee also reviewed the ongoing demand for social and affordable housing and how the Council is working with partners to continue to deliver new affordable housing.

Cllr Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “The timing of this task and finish review has been really helpful as we continue to deliver the priorities set out in the new Housing Strategy, particularly as the Committee focussed on the increase in the level of homelessness, and the challenges presented by the cost-of-living crisis. I am pleased that the Scrutiny Committee has recognised the work being undertaken to support residents facing homelessness and the effective working between both the Council and our partners in providing suitable provision.”