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Cabinet approves highways and transport funding agreement

by Lisa Bennett

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet have approved plans to enter into a Grant Funding Agreement with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to secure highways funding to deliver a programme of improvements to the borough’s highway network up to 2027. Cabinet has also approved the Highways and Transportation programme of work for 2023/24.

In Spring 2022, the Department for Transport issued a five-year Liverpool City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement of £710m to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, with £232.96m of this funding being for highways maintenance as well as road safety and sustainability across the City Region.

The Combined Authority subsequently allocated £6.576m of this funding to Knowsley Council in 2022/23 and it is proposed that the Council will receive a further £5.614m in 2023/24. Over the five-year period, Knowsley stands to receive £29.19 million.

The grant funding will cover all aspects of highways works, including road and footway maintenance, vehicle restraint barrier maintenance, structures and drainage, local safety schemes, parking management and sustainable travel.

The full cabinet report and programme of works is available here.