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Knowsley Cabinet and Council Meetings 29 June 2016

by Lisa Bennett

Knowsley’s Cabinet and full Council met this week (both on Wednesday, 29 June 2016) to consider a range of reports. The reports for both meetings – Cabinet and Council – can be viewed on the Council’s website.

Here is a summary of the decisions that were made at those meetings:


Public Health Annual Report 2015 – 2016

‘Live Well’ is the theme of the report which focuses on health issues facing 16 – 64-year-olds. The report outlines initiatives taking place across Knowsley to improve health and wellbeing – including tackling obesity, drug and alcohol misuse, the harm caused by tobacco use, problem gambling, domestic abuse, mental health, sexual health and cancer prevention.


Knowsley Housing Strategy 2016 – 2021 – Building on Success

Councillors endorsed the strategy which aims to increase the quality and quantity of housing – and access to housing – in Knowsley; developing between 2 – 3,000 new homes over the five year period. The strategy aims to ensure that by 2021 Knowsley will have a housing offer which is capable of attracting new residents to the borough, while also meeting the needs of existing residents.


Strategy for Knowsley 2016 – 2020

Council approved this strategy, which marks an important milestone on the journey to make Knowsley the ‘Borough of choice’ by 2023. Despite continuing public sector budget cuts, a lot has already been delivered through partnership working and this strategy sets out the Knowsley Partnership’s priorities for the next four years. The Knowsley Partnership will draw on the strengths of all partners, including those in the wider Liverpool City Region, to establish Knowsley as the Borough of Choice.


Knowsley Economic Growth Plan (2016 – 2021)

Council approved this strategy which sets out an overarching shared economic vision for Knowsley to become “a place where people choose to invest, work and do business to achieve long-term prosperity”. Growth in business and jobs is crucial for a thriving and diverse economy, with reduced public sector resources it is important to create the right environment for private sector growth. This plan builds on the success of the work of the Knowsley Place Board, which brings together the private and public sector, to create that environment and to help realise the full potential of economic growth in Knowsley.


Section 75 partnership agreement with NHS Knowsley CCG

Cabinet approved a new agreement with NHS Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), as the current one was due to expire. The ‘Section 75’ agreement outlines how the council and CCG work together, setting out the purpose, governance, accountability and scope of the work they do. The new agreement will last for three years and aims to encourage an even stronger partnership between the two organisations.


Homelessness Strategy 2016 – 2-21

Cabinet approved the adoption of this strategy which details how the council will continue to build on its success to tackle and prevent homelessness in Knowsley. This strategy supports Knowsley’s Housing Strategy and identifies that resources will be focussed on early intervention, with monitoring of how the next phase of the Government’s welfare reforms will create further pressures for those families that are already suffering.


Adoption of Supplementary Planning Documents

Cabinet has given approval to revoke two existing Supplementary Planning Documents and adopt four new Supplementary Planning Documents. The new documents will provide additional guidance to developers, council officers and members of the Planning Committee in preparing and making decisions on planning applications and will supplement Local Plan policies. The Supplementary Planning Documents are focussed on Developer Contributions, Householder Developments, Town Centre Uses, and Trees and Development.


Adoption of Prescot Town Centre Masterplan

Cabinet approved the adoption of the Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document for Prescot Town Centre which identifies the potential development and investment opportunities to sustain and enhance the area up to 2028. The document provides specific guidance on town centre design principles, public realm investment, movement and transport developments, and potential opportunity sites. It doesn’t “allocate” land for development, but provides additional guidance for investors, developers and decision-makers and will sit alongside other planning policy documents.


2015/16 Revenue Budget Monitoring

Cabinet confirmed the council’s final revenue budget position for 2015/16 , an overall Council surplus of £0.198m (which was less than 1% of the Council’s total net budget).  The report reflects the positive outcome of actions that were put in place early in the last financial year to address a range of significant Social Care budget pressures – although continued actions are needed to manage ongoing demand led pressures. After funding the new Leisure Company (Volair)’s outstanding repairs and maintenance costs, the Cabinet also agreed and that £0.453m was available for one-off investment during 2016/17 or the forthcoming budget setting process.


Strategic Risk Management 2015/16 and 2016/17

Cabinet has approved Knowsley’s Strategic Risk Register for 2016/17. This will ensure that the Council continues to manage risks effectively through effective use of resources, maximisation of opportunities and continuation of service delivery.