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Brake Road Safety Week – Make the Brake Pledge

by Laura Johnston

During Road Safety Week (21 to 27 November 2016), the road safety charity Brake are asking people to show their commitment to improving safety by making their Pledge.

Five people are killed every day on the roads and Brake believe that by making the pledge, people will be contributing towards improving the safety of all road users.

However you use the road, you can sign up to the Brake Pledge by promising to do six simple things that can help to save lives:

Be slow

Breaking speed limits or travelling too fast for the road conditions contributes to more than one in four fatal crashes in Great Britain.

Be sober

Having just one drink before driving can affect your ability to drive. In 2013, one in 10 drivers/motorcycle riders who were killed in a crash had alcohol in their body, even though they were not over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Be secure

Not wearing a seatbelt reduces the chance of dying in a crash by 50%– not wearing one is not worth the risk.

Be silent

Drivers who do another activity while driving such as using a mobile phone makes them three times more likely to crash than drivers who do not allow themselves to be distracted.

Be sharp

It is estimated that 2,900 casualties every year are caused by the driver having poor vision.

Be sustainable

By choosing sustainable travel such as walking and cycling, you will be helping to improve road safety, the environment and your health. Also, fewer cars on the road means fewer road deaths, less congestion and less emissions.

If you recognise the importance of doing these things, make your pledge on the Road Safety Week’s website and show your commitment to saving lives and keeping our roads safe.

As well as encouraging drivers to make the pledge, the Road Safety Team are continuing with the planned programme of education and training that is delivered in every school in Knowsley.  Pupils are taught to take responsibility for their own safety and are encouraged to keep themselves safe, rather than rely upon drivers to be looking where they are going, and travelling slowly enough to stop if a child makes a mistake and runs out in front of them.

This week, for Road Safety Week, the team are delivering ‘I Can Keep Myself Safe’ sessions with Year 2 children across the borough as well as ‘Fast Lane’ sessions with Year 6 pupils.

As part of the week, a demonstration showing the aftermath of a road traffic collision will take place at Tesco, Prescot Cables Retail Park on Saturday 26 November at 10.30am.  This event is being run by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.