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Plans to increase Halewood primary school places progress

by Jonathan Kearney

Plans to invest more than £4.6 million to increase primary school places in Halewood have progressed.

Knowsley Council’s Planning Committee has approved plans for the erection of a two-storey rear extension of Plantation Primary School on Hollies Road.

Plans have also been approved for the installation of seven temporary classrooms for up to 12 months while construction take place.

The work is part of a £30m investment that will benefit Halewood over the coming years.

Knowsley Council has secured £4.6m in Section 106 funding from developers involved in the East of Halewood development to increase primary school places. A further £1.1 million has been secured to contribute to early years provision as a result of the development, which will deliver more than 1,300 new homes.

The £3.7m investment in Plantation will enable the school to accommodate three classes per year, rather than two, in each year by 2025.

As a result of the investment the school will benefit from extension and improvement work to classrooms, the main hall, main entrance and disabled access.

Together with increased primary school capacity and early years childcare, the £30m investment in Halewood will fund significant improvements to the retail offering and town centre amenities, new and improved sports and leisure facilities, enhancements to green spaces, new and enhanced walking and cycling routes, along with improvements to local roads and infrastructure.