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Bike riding for all

by Laura Johnston

If you fancy cycling but it’s been a long time, or you may never have been on a bike before, Pedal Away Knowsley runs cycle rides open to everyone regardless of ability or experience.

The rides are led by experienced cyclists and take in many of the traffic-free routes Knowsley has to offer.

You can start with a three mile park ride at Stadt Moers Park in Whiston and then progress to cycling up to 12 miles with a café stop at Court Hey Park, Huyton.

You can be cycling further still in a matter of weeks from the Pedal Away base at Mill Dam Park, Kirkby.

Bikes and helmets are available to borrow and the ride leaders make sure nobody gets left behind.

Lou Henderson, Pedal Away Lead, said:

“Riding on a Pedal Away ride is a sure fire way to improve your cycling skills and to learn more about the bike. It’s also a great chance to meet new people and turn cycling into a social activity.”

Life changing cycling

Cliff, from Prescot, came to his first Pedal Away last September having not ridden a bike for over 50 years. The first ride was a real struggle but it wasn’t long before he’d got the cycling bug and in April this year he successfully completed a 170 mile charity ride! One year on from that first Pedal Away ride Cliff has won Adult Active Achiever of the year at the 2017 Knowsley Sports and Culture Awards.

On winning the award, Cliff said: “I owe it all to my very first rides with the Pedal Away Court Hey group, in the September evening sunshine on the Loop Line!

“What has changed is my desire to do more and more, to take on the challenges, to cycle the extra miles and to take part in organised cycle events like The Great Pedal Away. Now I can’t get enough of it!”

Where can you join a Pedal Away ride?

For beginners there’s a ride at Stadt Moers Park, Whiston on Wednesdays at 10am. For those looking for a slightly longer ride there’s Court Hey Park, Huyton on Tuesdays at 10am. And when you’re ready to progress to something more challenging head to Mill Dam Park, Kirkby on Wednesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 10am.

All Pedal Away led rides are open to all members of the community and run all year round.

The Great Pedal Away

The Great Pedal Away is an annual cycle event which starts and finishes at the Huyton Velodrome. Over one hundred riders took to the road this year following one of two routes depending on their ability. The event showcases some of the great cycling routes on our doorstep in Knowsley while raising funds for Wheels for All which gives people of all abilities and disabilities the chance to enjoy cycling in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Read more about the third Great Pedal Away event in 2017.

For further information about Pedal Away visit cycling.org.uk

Knowsley Sports and Culture Awards 2017, Adult Achiever of the Year, Cliff Waine (centre)