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Take extra care as children return to school

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley’s Road Safety Team is urging everyone to take extra care as children start to return to school.

Many of us have become used to less frequent journeys on quieter roads and from 8 March there is likely to be increased traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

With the added complications of social distancing it is essential that we also remain mindful of the dangers of the road environment.

Whatever the mode of transport, the school run will be largely unfamiliar as most children have not been in regular schooling for a few months. It is important for parents and guardians to take the time to talk to their child about staying safe on their journeys.

Young children are unpredictable and need close supervision – hold hands with them whenever possible and demonstrate the behaviour you expect from them. Stop at the kerb every time and make sure that they know to look in every direction – not just left and right – before deciding it’s safe to cross.

Older children will need a reminder to pay attention to their surroundings as they can easily be distracted when they are on their phones or walking with friends. Distractions are a major factor in this age group being injured on the road. More road safety information about children travelling independently to school can be found in our Moving Up guide.

Drivers are being asked to look out for vulnerable road users and will need to allow for increased journey times.

Knowsley’s Road Safety Team delivers a full programme of education and training in every primary school. For more information please contact roadsafety@knowsley.gov.uk