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Be Bright, Be Seen

by Laura Johnston

Now that the evenings are darker earlier, it’s important to remember to be extra vigilant when you are out and near roads.

When the evenings are darker, visibility is greatly reduced for everyone which makes pedestrians and cyclists even more vulnerable than usual.

It’s important for everyone to ensure that they can be seen at all times and drivers need to be aware that it is much more difficult to see pedestrians and other vulnerable road users when it is dark.

Helpful tips and advice

If you’re a pedestrian or cyclist, Knowsley’s Road Safety team has some tips on how you can be bright and be seen and help to make yourself more visible to other road users:

  • Wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing during daylight hours but remember that this doesn’t show up in the dark!
  • When it is dark you need to wear reflective items such as vests, sashes and wristbands. Many high street stores now sell clothing that incorporates reflective strips or bands.
  • Accessorise with items such as clip-on reflectors, armbands and stickers on your clothes or bag.
  • Remember to have clean and working lights on your bike at night. Lights should be white at the front and red at the back. Having a rear reflector and spoke reflectors is a great idea too.
  • Take routes that are well-lit and cross at places that are lit.

If you are a driver, remember it will be more difficult for you to see pedestrians and cyclists when it is dark. Unlike this image, not everyone will be dressed in bright colours or reflective clothing. Children and others often wear dark coloured school uniform, winter coats or blazers.

There’s a child in the same position on both photos below. Which one is easier to see?

Pedestrian child in dark clothing on a dark road and a pedestrian child in bright clothing on a dark road

Not all pedestrians will wear bright clothing.


Important messages for children

Knowsley Council’s Road Safety team has provided important ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ information to the teachers and pupils at every primary school in the borough. Children have been learning about how important it is for them to be seen by drivers at any time of the day but how this is even more important when they are outside during hours of darkness.

Children can also enter a competition to win a prize. Every primary pupil in Knowsley has been given a template of a backpack for them to colour in and accessorise to make it nice and bright!

Blank image of backpack

Cllr Tony Brennan, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said:

“Staying safe on or near roads is really important for everyone and now that the darker nights are here, it’s the perfect time to remind people about being visible when they’re out and about.

“Our Road Safety team has been working with primary school children to remind them to ‘Be Bright and Be Seen’ when they are travelling to and from school or out near roads.  This is an important message for young children now and is also a message that will stay with them as they become more independent and travel to and from school on their own.

“We’re reminding drivers to take particular care as pedestrians may not always dress in bright or reflective clothing. Children and others often wear dark clothing particularly when they’re wearing school uniform, winter coats or blazers.”