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Avoid driving penalty heartache during Euro 2024

by Guy Murphy

As the UEFA Euro tournament approaches, Knowsley Council’s Road Safety team is highlighting the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol.

Many people will enjoy a few drinks as they watch the football and most wouldn’t even consider getting into their car and driving afterwards. However, there is a real risk that people who would never deliberately drink and drive may still be over the limit, or unfit to drive, the ‘morning after’.

This is because it takes a lot longer than most people think for alcohol to pass through the body. On average it takes around one hour per unit of alcohol, though this can vary depending on a number of factors.

Knowsley Council is keen to stress that the message isn’t ‘don’t drink’, but ‘don’t drink anything if you are driving’ and ‘don’t drink heavily if you have to drive the following morning’.

The Morning After Calculator

The ‘Morning After’ calculator helps you to add up the drinks you consumed the night before and gives you a rough calculation of when you may be safe to drive. Visit www.morning-after.org.uk for more information. You can also download the app to keep track of what you’re drinking while you are out.

Advice events and free Euro 2024 wallchart

Knowsley’s Road Safety team has produced a Euro 2024 wallchart with all the fixtures on as well as information about our Morning After campaign. You can pick one up, along with single use breathalyser, by visiting them over the coming days:

Upstairs in Huyton library on Wednesday 4 June (11am-12pm),

Huyton Bingo on Thursday 5 June (10.30am-2pm)