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Autism Accreditation puts Knowsley among best in UK


If you or someone you love has autism, you can be confident that the support and services being offered in Knowsley are excellent.

That’s the finding of inspectors from the national Autism Accreditation, who recognised Knowsley as among the very best in the country when it comes to providing exceptional levels of care and effort.

Knowsley’s Adult Disability Day Service received the accreditation with a commendation status, which is only awarded to services that are ‘innovative and beyond’.

What is autism accreditation?

Autism accreditation provides an autism-specific quality assurance programme for organisations throughout the UK and across the world.  It provides a seal of quality that gives you peace of mind when choosing a service for yourself or people you care for.

Adult disability services in Knowsley

Knowsley Adult Disability Service supports almost 300 people with learning and physical disabilities and Autism across seven bases across the borough. These are based in Knowsley Leisure & Culture Park, Kirkby Leisure Centre, The Kirkby Centre, Bewley Drive, Stockbridge Village, Halewood Leisure Centre and New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre.

Over recent years, the service has undergone a major transition, from providing services in traditional day centres to neighbourhood activity bases that are co-located within community and leisure facilities.  The judges for the National Professional’s Conference Awards praised the service for integrating its services into the community.

Mark Fox, Service Manager in Adult Social Care at Knowsley Council, said: “Four years ago we set off on a journey to improve the quality of the care we give to support individuals. That involved working towards Autism Accreditation, a national kitemark. We’re really thrilled that we not only got the accreditation but we got it with Commendation, which is very rare – in fact we were one of only four services in the country to reach this standard.”

Peace of mind for individuals and carers

“For carers it means they know that their son or daughter, or the individual they care for, is safe.  They can go to a local service in Knowsley and know that it’s not only of good quality, it’s one of the best in the country,” says Mark.

One of the reasons Knowsley received Commended status was its commitment to focus on individuals specifically.

Mark explains: “Before a person even comes to use our services, we work with them, their schools, their families, anyone who knows them well to make sure we really understand their needs – their routine, what they like, what they need.  Each individual has their own care package tailored to them to ensure we are meeting those specific needs.”

He adds: “It’s about providing the best possible care and challenging ourselves as to how we do that. We’re thrilled to have been independently recognised for our work because it shows that we are doing the right things that make a real difference to the quality of life for local people with autism and their carers.”

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