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Alcohol Awareness Week: find out how simple it can be to lower your drinking

by Sandra Issar

Many of us drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, including to relax and de-stress, to deal with feelings of loneliness, and to try and cope with or avoid problems.

But drinking too much and too often can cause or exacerbate all sorts of problems with our physical and mental health, including damaging relationships with our loved ones. It can heighten family tensions, get in the way of clear communication, and mean we are less present for each other, including our children.

By taking control of our drinking habits and lowering our drinking we can begin to experience improved, happier relationships, as well as better health and wellbeing.

Lower My Drinking App

As part of Alcohol Awareness Week, 15 to 21 November, we are highlighting the Lower My Drinking App, which is free to download for anyone who lives or woks in Cheshire and Merseyside.

The app is designed to help change how you think about alcohol and the role it plays in your life. It not only guides you to set your drinking goal, but helps you achieve it too.

It allows you to track progress, identify reasons to reduce your drinking as well as highlighting scenarios which could potentially tempt you to drink more and allow you plan how you will limit this.

As well as this, the app provides feedback and guidance, explaining side effects and the potential benefits of cutting down, including psychological, social, financial and physical.

Cllr Christine Bannon, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health, said:

“Perhaps the pandemic has resulted in you drinking more, or maybe the return to a more normal way of life is increasing the pressure you feeling to drink more as part of ‘normal’ socialising.


“Whatever your situation, Alcohol Awareness Week is a great time to start making changes to your drinking habits and the Lower My Drinking app is a really effective and simple way to get started.


“It’s been designed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists to help support you to reduce your drinking to a safer level, the recommended limit of 14 units a week or less.


“Managing your drinking can not only improve your own health and wellbeing but can also help your relationships too. Download the app today and start feeling the benefits of lower drinking!”

To download the app visit Google Play or App Store. Get started today so you can get healthier and feel better!

Find out more about Alcohol Awareness Week by visiting the Alcohol Change UK website and for advice and support on drinking less visit the Healthy Knowsley website.