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Agreed by Knowsley’s Cabinet: Three things you need to know

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet met last night (Wednesday, 17 November), with three main items on the agenda.

The Cabinet – made up of the Leader of the Council, plus six Cabinet members, met to review the council’s progress on the ambitions set out  in its Corporate Plan; assess its budget position; and agree a new approach to the way it will consider licensing applications for betting shops and other gambling businesses.

Knowsley’s Cabinet meets approximately every six to eight weeks, and makes some of the key decisions affecting the local authority and borough as a whole.

Meetings of Cabinet are public meetings, which anyone can attend. But now, you can watch the discussions at Cabinet, even when you aren’t able to make it in person. Like all Knowsley Council meetings, Cabinet meetings are now live-streamed via the Knowsley Council website – and if you aren’t able to tune in live, you can watch proceedings back in the days and weeks afterwards.

If you have just one item on an agenda which is of interest, you can even choose to skip straight to that item and watch only that part of the meeting.

The aim is to make council meetings as accessible, open and transparent as possible.

You can tune in and watch the November 17 Cabinet meeting now – here’s what was discussed:

Review of Gambling Policy

Cllr Shelley Powell put forward some proposed amendments to the council’s Gambling Policy – which applies when it is considering any licensing applications for gambling premises, such as betting shops.

She explained that, whilst the council is only allowed to refuse applications of this type based on strict criteria, there was concern about the level of problem and harmful gambling in the borough. Following extensive consultation, Cllr Powell said that the council would be carrying out detailed studies to determine which areas of the borough have high numbers of people vulnerable to gambling harms, and that this information could then be used in the consideration of future licensing applications.

Read more about the proposed Gambling Policy, and what it will mean for Knowsley.

2021/22 Revenue Budget monitoring – Mid year update

Cabinet received an update on the council’s mid-year revenue budget. It confirmed that COVID-19 was continuing to have a major influence on the council’s finances.

In fact, Cabinet discussed figures which show that council services will have faced total costs and lost income of £55m since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more about the council’s budget for this year, and how it plans to balance its budget, despite these challenges.

Corporate Plan Monitoring Report

Graphic with stars and text that reads "Corporate plan achievements; In the spotlight"

Knowsley Council’s ‘Corporate Plan’ is a key document for the council, as it sets out the authority’s top priorities and biggest challenges to overcome. Progress against the Corporate Plan is regularly reviewed, to ensure the borough is on the right track.

At Cabinet on 17 November, members heard the latest update, and how the council is working towards its priorities, which include those associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the UK’s exit from the EU.

Cabinet discussed the progress made to date – including job creation, delivery of major developments, help and support for vulnerable residents. It also looked ahead to the most important work it must do between now and March, 2022.

Read more about the Corporate Plan and how it will help improve life in your neighbourhood.

Find out more about any of the items on the agenda

You can view all the papers from the Cabinet Meeting of 17 November, 2021 on the council’s website now.

Why not bookmark the website where you can watch all of Knowsley’s meetings live, or review them afterwards.

When is the next meeting of Knowsley’s Cabinet?

Cabinet are due to meet again on Wednesday, 8 December 2021, at 5pm.

A meeting of the full Council will take place on Wednesday, 15 December, at 6pm.

Both meetings will be available to watch live on the council’s website. You’ll also be able to view all the papers ahead of the meetings.

More about Knowsley’s Cabinet

Knowsley has a single party Cabinet made up of the Leader plus six Cabinet Members. The Cabinet is responsible for taking decisions on the Executive functions of the Council. These functions include proposing the policy framework and budget to the full Council and implementing the Authority’s policy framework.

Each Cabinet Member has a portfolio area of responsibility. The Cabinet Portfolios are as follows:


Cllr Graham Morgan. You can follow the Twitter account for the Leader’s porfolio: @knowsley_leader.

Children’s Services

Cllr Margaret Harvey. Follow the Twitter account for Children’s Services portfolio: @KnowsleyCS.

Communities and Neighbourhoods

Cllr Shelley Powell. Follow the Twitter account for the Communities and Neighbourhoods portfolio: @KnowsleyNhoods.


Cllr Christine Bannon. Follow the Twitter account for the Health portfolio: @KnowsleyHealth.

Adult Social Care

Cllr Louise Harbour. Follow the Twitter account for the Adult Social Care portfolio: @KnowsleyAdultSC.

Regeneration and Economic Development

Cllr Tony Brennan. Follow the Twitter account for the Regeneration and Economic Development portfolio: @KnowsleyGrowth.


Cllr Jayne Aston. Follow the Twitter account for the Resources portfolio: @KMBCResources.