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What’s on the agenda at cabinet on 21 February?

by Laura Johnston

Members of Knowsley Cabinet will meet on Wednesday 21 February at 5pm.

We’ve summarised the items on the agenda to give you an idea of what’s coming up:

Corporate Plan 2017-2020

Cabinet will receive a quarterly monitoring update on the Corporate Plan 2017-2020 and in particular the delivery programme that has been established for 2018/19.  The Corporate Plan specifies the Council’s strategic priorities and the practical actions which the Council will take in order to help achieve its vision for the Borough’s sustainability and growth.

The delivery programme includes working with the Education Commission to deliver an education improvement programme, launch Knowsley’s Dementia Strategy and Older People’s Strategy, develop the domiciliary care market to focus on people’s independence and strengthen the offer of new and existing commercial space to encourage further investment into the borough.

Budget reports

Members will consider a number of reports relating to the council’s financial position and its budget for 2018/19. This will include making proposals on the council’s budget for the next year, considering investments in key services and setting Council Tax for the year ahead. The Cabinet’s proposals will be put forward for consideration at a full council meeting on Wednesday 7 March 2018.

The agenda and full papers can all be found on the council’s website.