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Advice on burning garden waste during Covid-19 pandemic

by Laura Johnston

Unfortunately, the council continues to receive reports of people burning waste in their gardens – and that neighbours nearby are being affected. Although it can be tempting to want to find ways to get rid of waste whilst there is reduced access to local waste and recycling centres, you are being urged to avoid burning it at where possible – for a number of reasons.

What is the problem with burning waste?

It is essential that everyone understands that smoke from burning waste will have a greater impact on neighbours who would not normally be affected by it. Furthermore, this unnecessarily emits carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere at a time when our young people have agreed with us that taking action on climate change is a top priority.

This action also has significant impacts  on our neighbours who are either suffering from COVID-19 or are having to self-isolate due to medical conditions which put them at greater risk (asthma, heart disease etc).

In view of the serious health implications linked to any form of burning people in Knowsley are requested to please NOT dispose of any waste (garden or other) by burning.

Any garden waste can either be composted or collected together until such time as more appropriate disposal method are available. If you must burn garden waste, please follow our safety advice (see pictured). If you can let your neighbours know – while continuing to follow social distancing guidelines – this will help reduce calls to the already under pressure fire control operators.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods said: “We appreciate that tips are closed at the moment which means your excess waste can’t be taken to the tip. However we urge you to be considerate of your neighbours and please keep your waste securely bagged at home until you are able to dispose of it.”

What can I do if my neighbour is persistently burning waste?

If you are a resident who wishes to raise their concerns about community members not following this guidance please call Fire Service Direct on 0800 731 5958 (open 8am to 5pm Monday to Saturday). They are dealing with non-emergency calls and will be providing advice on non-urgent fire related matters.

You can also email Environmental.Health@knowsley.gov.uk if you are affected by a neighbour or member of your community burning waste frequently or persistently.