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Action Taken against fly tippers

Action taken against fly tippers

by Alison Cornmell

Knowsley Council continues to tackle the issue of illegal fly tipping in our Borough and has recently prosecuted two offenders.

Thanks to the investigative skills of the council’s Environmental Health Team, as well as information shared by the public, environmental criminals have been fined more than £2,500.

At the start of the year a Liverpool man pleaded guilty for fly tipping his household waste, including household furniture items and a refrigeration unit on public land at Hewitt’s Lane, Knowsley. The incident was captured by the council’s extensive CCTV.

In December 2021, a Runcorn man pleaded guilty for allowing his vehicle to be used in a fly tipping incident in Halewood. The green waste was dumped in the middle of a road near to the Jaguar Land Rover plant which is used by large vehicles and could have caused a serious and dangerous incident.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods said:

“Fly tipping is a blight on our communities, and I’m delighted to see the latest action we’ve taken against those who disrespect our neighbourhoods. We take this issue extremely seriously and hope this latest action demonstrates our commitment to tackling those responsible for committing these crimes.

“We are able to take this action thanks to the dedication of our Environmental Health Team and the information shared by our residents. CCTV has also played a key role in these recent results – Knowsley Council has made significant investment in our CCTV network and this is one of the many ways we use it to ensure the safety and welfare of our residents.”

Knowsley has an extensive CCTV network, which the team utilise to help identify offenders. There are more than 850 cameras across the borough including HD and mobile units that are deployed to fly tipping hot spots and monitored 24/7 by Knowsley Council’s security team.

If you see any incident of fly tipping please report it to Knowsley Council online www.knowsley.gov.uk/online-services/report-it

Appliances such as fridges and freezers are classed as hazardous waste and should be disposed of in a responsible manner. Fluids from refrigeration units can cause harm to the environment and human health –  older models may contain Ozone Depleting Substances. Fridges and freezers identified as containing ammonia also present a fire and explosion risk.

Householders using private contractors to remove any waste must make sure the company or individual is a registered waste carrier. You are advised to:

  • Ask to see their waste carriers licence
  • Ring the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 to check their credentials or visit their website: https://www.gov.uk/find-registered-waste-carrier
  • Ask where they’re proposing to take your waste and if they have a waste transfer note.
  • Don’t pay cash. Ask for an invoice and pay by a secure payment method or cheque, so payments can be traced if the waste is fly tipped.
  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you’re hiring a skip, the average cost should be around £200.
  • Never agree to cold callers offering any type of home improvements work, roofing, gardening services, tree surgery or household waste removal.
  • Although hiring a registered operator can be more expensive, householders can face an unlimited fine for failing to hire an authorised waste carrier.