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Knowsley’s priorities: Knowsley the place

by Comms Team

The Strategy for Knowsley sets out six priorities for the borough and all this week we’re looking at each of them in more detail.

Having the right ‘place offer’ helps to make Knowsley an attractive location to live, work and do business.

Over the next four years, this priority aims to see:

  • The population of Knowsley continuing to grow;
  • The housing market rebalanced to meet local needs and attract people to the borough;
  • Significant progress made towards the Local Plan target for new homes;
  • More vibrant town centres with new retail, cultural and evening economy developments; and
  • High quality parks and green spaces.

Professor Peter Roberts is the Chair of First Ark and explains how he’s leading the delivery of this priority:

Read the Strategy for Knowsley 2016-2020

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